Policy Mapping

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has initiated 87 low-carbon pilots in three different batches, which involve a total of 6 provinces, 79 cities and 2 counties. These pilots reflect features of different regions of the country in terms of geographic locations, population size, resource endowments, industrial mixes, and economic growth patterns. Their low-carbon practices can promote low-carbon development in different types of cities through experience sharing, to so make contributions to building China’s low-carbon cities. 

With the Policy Mapping tool, iGDP has created a database and interactive platform to track, synthesize and compare low-carbon development policies and actions across regions and cities in China. By identifying publicly available key policies and performance indicators on low-carbon development, the Policy Mapping tool will promote best practices and learning by doing. Policy Mapping will also regularly issue a series of Policy Progress Fact Sheets and Regional Low-carbon Development Performance Reports.

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